A scanner that checks compatibility of your code with new interpreter versions.


PhpCodeFixer - a console scanner that checks compatibility of your code with new interpreter versions.

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PhpCodeFixer finds:

  • Usage of deprecated functionality (functions / variables / ini-directives / constants).
  • Usage of functions with changed behavior.
  • Usage of reserved identifiers in newer versions.

It literally helps you fix code that can fail after migration to newer PHP version.

  1. Usage
  2. Example
  3. Installation


To scan your files or folder launch phpcf and pass file or directory names.

    phpcf [--target VERSION] [--max-size SIZE] [--exclude NAME] [--file-extensions EXT] [--skip-checks CHECKS] FILES...
    phpcf --version

  -v --version             Show version.
  -t --target VERSION      Change the target php version. [default: 7.3]
  -e --exclude NAME        Exclude files / directories for scanning. Pass a comma-separated list for multiple values.
  -s --max-size SIZE       Skip files exceeding the max. size. [default: 1mb]
     --file-extensions EXT Only parse files with the given extension(s). Pass a comma-separated list for multiple values. [default: php, phtml, php5]
     --skip-checks CHECKS  Skip all checks containing any of the given values. Pass a comma-separated list for multiple values.
  • By providing additional parameter --target you can specify version of PHP to perform less checks. Available target versions: 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3. A larger version includes rules for checking from all previous.
  • By providing --exclude parameter you can exclude specific folders or files from analyze. For example, --exclude vendor will prevent checking third-party libraries.
  • By providing --skip-checks parameter you can exclude specific checks from analyze.
  • If your files has unusual extension, you can specify all exts by --file-extensions argument. By default, it uses php, phtml and php5.

Example of usage

> bin/phpcf tests
Max file size set to: 1.000 MiB
Scanning D:\Документы\PhpCodeFixer\tests ...

Folder D:\Документы\PhpCodeFixer\tests
 PHP | File:Line                           |             Type | Issue
 5.3 | /5.3.php:2                          | function         | Function dl() is deprecated.
 5.3 | /5.3.php:3                          | ini              | Ini define_syslog_variables is deprecated.
 5.3 | /5.3.php:4                          | function_usage   | Function usage piet() (@call_with_passing_by_reference) is deprecated.
 5.4 | /5.4.php:2                          | function         | Function mcrypt_generic_end() is deprecated.
 5.4 | /5.4.php:3                          | function         | Function magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated.
 5.5 | /5.5.php:2                          | function_usage   | Function usage preg_replace() (@preg_replace_e_modifier) is deprecated.
 5.6 | /5.6.php:6                          | ini              | Ini mbstring.http_output is deprecated.
 5.6 | /5.6.php:3                          | variable         | Variable $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA is deprecated.
 7.0 | /7.0.php:8                          | function         | Function mssql_connect() is deprecated.
 7.0 | /7.0.php:10                         | ini              | Ini always_populate_raw_post_data is deprecated.
 7.0 | /7.0.php:12                         | function_usage   | Function usage password_hash() (@password_hash_salt_option) is deprecated.
 7.0 | /7.0.php:14                         | identifier       | Identifier float is reserved by PHP core.
 7.0 | /7.0.php:3                          | method_name      | Method name test:test (@php4_constructors) is deprecated.
 7.1 | /7.1.php:2                          | function         | Function mcrypt_decrypt() is deprecated.
 7.1 | /7.1.php:4                          | ini              | Ini session.hash_function is deprecated.
 7.1 | /7.1.php:9                          | identifier       | Identifier iterable is reserved by PHP core.
 7.2 | /7.2.php:2                          | function         | Function create_function() is deprecated.
 7.2 | /7.2.php:7                          | function         | Function read_exif_data() is deprecated.
 7.2 | /7.2.php:9                          | constant         | Constant INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_2003 is deprecated.
 7.2 | /7.2.php:3                          | ini              | Ini mbstring.func_overload is deprecated.
 7.2 | /7.2.php:5                          | function_usage   | Function usage assert() (@assert_on_string) is deprecated.
 7.2 | /7.2.php:12                         | function_usage   | Function usage parse_str() (@parse_str_without_argument) is deprecated.

Total problems: 22

Replace Suggestions:
1. Don't use function mcrypt_generic_end() => Consider replace to mcrypt_generic_deinit().
2. Don't use function read_exif_data() => Consider replace to exif_read_data().
3. Don't use ini mbstring.http_output => Consider replace to default_charset.
4. Don't use variable $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA => Consider replace to php://input.
5. Don't use constant INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_2003 => Consider replace to INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_UTS46.

1. Usage piet() (@call_with_passing_by_reference): Call with passing by reference is deprecated. Problem is "&$hoho"
2. Usage preg_replace() (@preg_replace_e_modifier): Usage of "e" modifier in preg_replace is deprecated: "asdasdsd~ie"
3. Usage password_hash() (@password_hash_salt_option): "salt" option is not secure and deprecated now
4. Usage assert() (@assert_on_string): You should avoid using string code: "'false'"
5. Usage parse_str() (@parse_str_without_argument): Call to parse_str() without second argument is deprecated
Peak memory usage: 1.135 MB



  1. Just download a phar from releases page and make executable
      chmod +x phpcf-x.x.x.phar
  2. a. Local installation: use it from current folder:
     ./phpcf-x.x.x.phar -h

    b. Global installation: move it in to one of folders listed in your $PATH and run from any folder:

     sudo mv phpcf-x.x.x.phar /usr/local/bin/phpcf
     phpcf -h


Another way to install phpcf is via composer.

  1. Install composer:
      curl -sS | php
  2. Install phpcf in global composer dir:
      ./composer.phar global require wapmorgan/php-code-fixer dev-master
  3. Run from any folder:
      phpcf -h