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A morphological solution for Russian and English language written completely in PHP and delivered as a PHP library or docker image to integrate in non-PHP stack.

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Table of contents

  1. Installation
  2. Quick start
  3. Documentation
  4. Contributing


As PHP library

or install via adapter:

As a separate service

The server starts in a container from docker image and listens 8080 port for GET-requests.

Integrate service into your stack (for example, docker compose)

    image: wapmorgan/morphos:3.2.29
      - 8093:8080

or standalone container:

docker run --env NUM_WORKERS=4 --rm --publish 8093:8080 -v wapmorgan/morphos:3.2.29

Tip: adjust NUM_WORKERS env variable if you will send a lot of load to service. By default, it’s 4.

There are API: marks in documentation for functions, that exposed as service endpoints. Just pass them the same arguments as to PHP-functions/methods.

Quick Start


// Inflect russian names:
morphos\Russian\inflectName('Иванов Петр', 'родительный') => 'Иванова Петра'

// Inflect geographical names:
morphos\Russian\GeographicalNamesInflection::getCase('Москва', 'родительный') => 'Москвы'

// Pluralize russian nouns and adjectives:
morphos\Russian\pluralize(10, 'новый дом') => '10 новых домов'

// Generate russian cardinal numerals:
morphos\Russian\CardinalNumeralGenerator::getCase(567, 'именительный') => 'пятьсот шестьдесят семь'

// Generate russian ordinal numerals:
morphos\Russian\OrdinalNumeralGenerator::getCase(961, 'именительный') => 'девятьсот шестьдесят первый'

// Generate russian time difference
morphos\Russian\TimeSpeller::spellDifference(time() + 3600, morphos\TimeSpeller::DIRECTION) => 'через 1 час'

// other functions described in


// Pluralize english nouns:
morphos\English\pluralize(10, 'house') => '10 houses'

// Generate english cardinal numerals:
morphos\English\CardinalNumeralGenerator::generate(567) => 'five hundred sixty-seven'

// Generate english ordinal numerals:
morphos\English\OrdinalNumeralGenerator::generate(961) => 'nine hundred sixty-first'

// Generate english time difference
morphos\English\TimeSpeller::spellDifference(time() + 3600, morphos\TimeSpeller::DIRECTION) => 'in 1 hour'



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